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Boys’ Basketball wins Los Angeles City Section Division III Championship

The top-seeded boys’ basketball team captured the 2018 CIF Los Angeles City Section Division III Basketball Championship against the number two-seeded Manual Arts High School, winning the game by a score of 65-44. “To be the first ones [in the school’s history] to do this, it felt great. My feelings and emotions were everywhere,” said Joseph Hernandez, a sophomore in

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Watch Out for the Flying Ball

By Emmy Flores       Sweat starts dripping from their faces. Their eyes focusing on the ball. “Every move counts,” they tell themselves. This is it; it’s time to start the game.            “I love being on the team, because I enjoy playing tennis. It’s something I plan on continuing to do after high school,” said Luis Vargas, a senior

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Jaguars dive into water

BY CALEB RODRIGUEZ High schools have many different types of sports; some are very popular, others are not popular at all, because they don’t appeal to teens. One underrated sport is swim.    Swimming isn’t popular because of the team’s very small size compared to other sports, but it has a big enough team, that it is still somewhat relevant. Two

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Valeria Reyes

By Andrea Galvez   “TWEEEEET”  the ball gets passed by both forwards then back down to the middle straight and then heads right towards Valeria Reyes. With some quick thinking, she effortlessly controls the ball, and makes a perfect pass straight towards the forward, who, with a swift tap on the ball, aims and GOAL! And in that moment, Valeria Reyes makes

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By Princesa Zavaleta When running marathons, thousands of people all gather up to try to reach the finish line. “It seems as if were all a stampede of animals,” said Ericka Quezada, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet. Quezada has joined SRLA, cross-country, and has ran marathons before. She finds it as a way to distract herself from negativity

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