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Understand …

BY KIMBERLY CASTRO Understand that you are beautiful on your own. You don’t need to have someone by your side in order feel beautiful. Nor do you have to sacrifice your self worth or your self respect in order to feel beautiful.   The right person will think you are beautiful under every circumstance. And that right person is you.

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Nisa Jones looks into her ancestry

Humans of South East by Abigail Acosta Mistreatment repaid. Nisa Jones, a freshman from the Business, Innovation, and Leadership small school, discovered her Native American ancestry is going to help her for college. The government is trying to repay the mistreatment of Native Americans during the Trail of Tears by allowing them a free ride to college. “I don’t think

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Astrid hits the clubs

Humans of South East by Penelope Carrillo Clubs open a window of opportunities for students. There are about 20 clubs on campus. Some students miss the benefits of participating in clubs. Senior Astrid Morales from Technology & Media magnet takes advantage of these benefits. In middle school Morales decided for herself that she’d join clubs in high school and get

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