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The Daily Life of Kimberly

By Juliana Gutierrez A normal day for every student will usually be going to all their classes, just like Kimberly Gonzalez. The classes Kimberly currently takes are English, Algebra, PE, Latin American History, Biology, and Art. “I have all A’s for Algebra, PE, and Biology. Though for English, Latin American, and Art, I have a B.” Kimberly’s favorite class would

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Teenage Drivers

Quotes collected by Nicole Funes “I thought driving was going to be fun, because I wouldn’t have to take the bus anymore and I could go anywhere I want to, [but] sometimes I have to deal with a lot of traffic and be careful with reckless drivers that drive crazy, so it’s not what I expected it to be,” said

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Valeria Reyes

By Andrea Galvez   “TWEEEEET”  the ball gets passed by both forwards then back down to the middle straight and then heads right towards Valeria Reyes. With some quick thinking, she effortlessly controls the ball, and makes a perfect pass straight towards the forward, who, with a swift tap on the ball, aims and GOAL! And in that moment, Valeria Reyes makes

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Adrian Diezmo: Coming of Age

By Bianca Diezmo When somebody is a kid, they go to school and do their work.  While transitioning into a young adult, newfound responsibilities are gradually added to their plate. Adrian Diezmo, a senior in Justice and Law small school, is going through this exact situation.            From applying to colleges and universities to getting a job, there are many new obligations

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By Princesa Zavaleta When running marathons, thousands of people all gather up to try to reach the finish line. “It seems as if were all a stampede of animals,” said Ericka Quezada, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet. Quezada has joined SRLA, cross-country, and has ran marathons before. She finds it as a way to distract herself from negativity

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