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Senior Statistics

By Nicole Funes 83% went to prom. 68% have skipped class before. 200 seniors are going to community college. 1 in 3 seniors went to all four azalea bowls. 52% would do high school all over again. 2 in 3 students have cracked their phone since starting high school. 13% have had a class in the third floor. 55% have

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PSAT’s: How to survive

BY JANICE CHAVEZ   PSAT test day is October 11 and Tech & Media magnet sophomore, Guadalupe Bravo, is confident she’ll perform well.  “[Taking the PSAT my freshman year] was a good investment, because this year I feel more prepared, since I already have an idea of what it’s like,” Bravo said. For starters, why is the PSAT important? A

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To be Honest

BY SAMANTHA CARRANZA Sunday, April 30 National Honesty Day Students know there are different kinds of lies, either to spare someone’s feelings, to get out of trouble, or to stretch the truth a little. No matter the type of lie or how much of the truth was changed, everyone has told a lie or two. National Honesty Day on April

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