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South East Dodger Baseball Fall League: First take with Captain Cesar Urena and Coach Freddie Tisdale

As a returning varsity baseball player, I had the opportunity to sit down with the senior captain, Cesar Urena, a Tech & Media Magnet student, and the head coach Freddie Tisdale. “It’s an opportunity for my boys to learn discipline, respect, a chance to go to the next level, and be able to take care of their family financially,” Tisdale

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Staff Editorial

On the night of October 1, the city of Las Vegas suffered the worst mass shooting is U.S. history. A lone gunman shot down on a crowd of 22,000 people from a window on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel during a country music festival, killing 59 so far and injuring over 500 people in attendance, according to

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Girls’ Volleyball Receives New Coach

Being a coach consists of listening effectively and being willing to assist players to reach their fullest potential.A job Tech & Media Magnet English teacher Mr. Zatarain is willing to do.Girls’ Volleyball starts the new season with a new coach: Coach Zatarain. Often times many players begin to lose motivation during the game. However, Coach Zatarain always keeps positive. “I

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Advice from Freshmen

by Nicole Funes College freshmen offered advice as to life in the real world and reflected on their experiences in high school, from what-ifs, to life post high school and lessons learned in the past four years. Samantha Carranza, a Jaguar alumna is an 18 year old attending East Los Angeles College who aims to have a Bachelors in Animal

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PSAT’s: How to survive

BY JANICE CHAVEZ   PSAT test day is October 11 and Tech & Media magnet sophomore, Guadalupe Bravo, is confident she’ll perform well.  “[Taking the PSAT my freshman year] was a good investment, because this year I feel more prepared, since I already have an idea of what it’s like,” Bravo said. For starters, why is the PSAT important? A

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Reviewing the Year

By: Anissa Mendoza It is that time of year: graduation.For seniors, including underclassmen, all those headaches and sleepless nights are now worth it. “ I’ve accomplished a lot, like being the president for the Interact club and winning a scholarship,” said Andrea Soria, a senior from the Technology & Media magnet. According to Soria, she has accomplished some goals, but

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