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Boys’ Basketball wins Los Angeles City Section Division III Championship

The top-seeded boys’ basketball team captured the 2018 CIF Los Angeles City Section Division III Basketball Championship against the number two-seeded Manual Arts High School, winning the game by a score of 65-44. “To be the first ones [in the school’s history] to do this, it felt great. My feelings and emotions were everywhere,” said Joseph Hernandez, a sophomore in

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Seniors star in Talent Show

The senior talent show is an annual activity for students. There were three winners at the talent show from different categories. Third place winners were Mrs. Villalta and Kimberly Garcia, a senior in the Health, Science, & Environment who did a color-guard inspired performance. Second place was Genevieve Gudino, a senior in the Justice, Law, & Service small school who

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Senior talent show money to ASB and Ethiopia students

The Senior Talent Show held on Friday was mainly held for entertainment. This talent show “allow students to showcase their talents,” according to Ms. Barragan, a government teacher in the Visual & Performing Arts small school. Not only does this event present seniors’ talent, but the money raised helps Ethiopia. “It’s a district policy that half of the money is

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Immigration and Stereotypes

By Sabrina Alvarado An estimated one million immigrants have come to the United States each year for the past twenty-five years. As a result, native-born Americans have grown to know and believe certain stereotypes about them. However, immigrants are actually very important to the economy. For example, people believe that immigrants only bring crime to America. They think all immigrants

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Immigration and Identity

A feeling of anxiety exists in every immigrant child. Everyone has an immigrant story. As the daughter of immigrants, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no“American” physical characteristics. The United States is a melting pot.   Though I was born and raised in California, I am still confused about my roots. Growing up, I hated the question, “Where

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