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Call of duty WWII

By Alexis Jimenez Call of Duty WWII is an immersive First Person Shooter game. Activison started the Call of Duty series started in 2003. It sets near the end of WWII where the United States has started to push back the Germans. As for multiplayer, everyone seems to be more into it, since not many people play campaign, the story

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Prom Experience 2018

By Shakira Mejia Prom is an important day in many students’ high school careers. It is something they look forward to and something they can look back on for many years. But for many others it is not something they chose to be apart of. This year’s prom took place on Saturday May 12th, 2018. It was held in the

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Celebrating National Poetry Month

By Valerie Del Real Throughout the month of April, schools across the United States celebrate National Poetry Month as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry.    “I really like reading and writing poetry,” said Isabel Santian, a Junior in the Justice, Law, and Service small school.    “Writing poetry is an expression of thoughts and emotions you might not

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Rainbow Six Siege

By Alexis Jimenez Rainbow Six Siege was in development in 2014 since it was introduced in E3. Ever since they announced this title it completely changed minds. This game is supposed to be about a group of specialists being reactivated in order to combat terrorist attacks that have been happening in the United States. The game offers a little side

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Play Like a Jaguar

By Vivian Estrada “Ayy-ay-ay-ayyy, ” sang the mariachi group from school as the group brought the audience to the dance floor. The dance floor was filled with smiles and footsteps as they stomped to the beat of song. Spinning, twirling, sweating. The musicians played their instruments. The audience claps excitedly and sings along. Later, mariachi members shared their plans with

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Music In Our School

  By Arianna Sanabria   March is Music In Our Schools Month. It is the time of year when music education becomes a main focus of schools across the nation. The purpose of Music In Our Schools Month is to raise awareness about why music education is important for all students and why they should always have access to music

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