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Winter Guard wins first place

STEPHANIE LOPEZ             Winter guard finally returns to reclaim their throne at the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC). After a year hiatus, they proved their stance as a well-disciplined and determined team. Going into the new school year, there was only one goal: the WGASC competition. They worked their hardest to qualify and were ecstatic to compete. “We

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Seniors star in Talent Show

The senior talent show is an annual activity for students. There were three winners at the talent show from different categories. Third place winners were Mrs. Villalta and Kimberly Garcia, a senior in the Health, Science, & Environment who did a color-guard inspired performance. Second place was Genevieve Gudino, a senior in the Justice, Law, & Service small school who

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Students Donate Blood

Every year the Jaguars partner with the American Red Cross as an opportunity for students to donate blood. It is strongly promoted, as it is said one may become someone’s hero. This fall semester the school will host the annual blood drive and encourage students to participate. Donating blood can be nerve-racking for first-time donors, but for experienced donors like

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