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Senior Statistics

By Nicole Funes 83% went to prom. 68% have skipped class before. 200 seniors are going to community college. 1 in 3 seniors went to all four azalea bowls. 52% would do high school all over again. 2 in 3 students have cracked their phone since starting high school. 13% have had a class in the third floor. 55% have

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Allan Ceron Returns for Football

By Giselle Reyes Although football season already ended, football players have still been practicing every day and after school.  Allan Ceron is one of many football players who shows strength and effort during their games and practices. He is on the Junior Varsity team and is a freshman in Business and Innovation small school. Ceron said, “The position I play

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Observing World No Tobacco Day

By Sabrina Alvarado According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tobacco use is the second cause of death globally and is currently responsible for killing one in ten adults. World No Tobacco Day is created for this reason. World No Tobacco day is held on May 31 of every year and intends to encourage people to not consume tobacco

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Remembering Memorial Day

By Princesa Zavaleta Memorial Day is the day when we commemorate those who died during active military service. Daniela Garcia from the Visual and Performing Arts, said, “Memorial Day is important because it’s the day where we remember those who served in the army.” Garcia also explained what schools and other students can do to remember those who have passed

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Dancing is Life for Aileen

BY DAYNA TILLETT        She was motivated by Step Up, a series of movies that follows the stories of dancers, and by her third grade teacher who taught her how to shuffle. It was the impact of those influences that inspired Aileen to start dancing.      Aileen Hernandez is a freshman in Business, Innovation and Leadership small

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Senior Goodbyes

By Tlallei Salinas Being a senior comes with many responsibilities. Stress is something that many experience because of tests, college acceptances, and graduation. They need to make sure they keep up with their grades. Joana Corona is a Senior in the Visual And Performing Arts small school. Her greatest accomplishment has simply been being able to finish high school. She

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