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Teenage Drivers

Quotes collected by Nicole Funes “I thought driving was going to be fun, because I wouldn’t have to take the bus anymore and I could go anywhere I want to, [but] sometimes I have to deal with a lot of traffic and be careful with reckless drivers that drive crazy, so it’s not what I expected it to be,” said

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Play Like a Jaguar

By Vivian Estrada “Ayy-ay-ay-ayyy, ” sang the mariachi group from school as the group brought the audience to the dance floor. The dance floor was filled with smiles and footsteps as they stomped to the beat of song. Spinning, twirling, sweating. The musicians played their instruments. The audience claps excitedly and sings along. Later, mariachi members shared their plans with

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Spring Break Hazards

By Jorge Guzman Spring break can be dangerous if people aren’t aware of their surroundings. Spring break is often and usually a fun and relaxing time, although there are some hazards that revolve around spring break.        Spring break is usually related to partying and a time to just hang out with others. But, there are a few accidents that may

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Students need Math

By Dayna Tillett Most students have been taught math at one time in their education. Math is a requirement for all students to pass, but why do we need math? Without thinking, math is used all the time. When a person looks at a clock, they use math to tell the time. Math is useful for students for the present

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A Charter School is Coming Soon

BY GISELLE REYES A charter school is coming to campus and students are not happy about it. The charter school that will come is Valiente College Preparatory Charter School for 4th to 8th graders. We don’t know exactly the date they will come, but the student’s opinion on this is certain. Most of the school wasn’t aware of the charter

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Watch Out for the Flying Ball

By Emmy Flores       Sweat starts dripping from their faces. Their eyes focusing on the ball. “Every move counts,” they tell themselves. This is it; it’s time to start the game.            “I love being on the team, because I enjoy playing tennis. It’s something I plan on continuing to do after high school,” said Luis Vargas, a senior

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