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Net neutrality and the fight for the net

The internet has become a never-ending source of information due to technological advances. It’s reasonable to say that our knowledge is partially derived from Google searches and YouTube videos. But imagine a world without it. The ability to access the internet freely, aside from the monthly bill from your internet service provider (ISP), is a principle Americans have adopted and

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Gender-inclusive restrooms set up shop on campus

Meant for all genders, but not open to all students Last April, the Santee Education Complex became the first Los Angeles Unified School District high school to open their restrooms to gender-neutral students. Now, more than a year later, South East has followed suit…almost. The school’s first gender-neutral restrooms, located by the main office in the A Building, opened in

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Winter Guard places third at WGASC Championships

Seniors succeed in year’s final guard competition After months training under color guard and then winter guard, the guard secured a third place victory at this year’s Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) Championships, the last competition for graduating seniors. The school’s guard team, while small in size, has placed in many competitions throughout their long history. However, the

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