Remembering Memorial Day

By Princesa Zavaleta

Memorial Day is the day when we commemorate those who died during active military service. Daniela Garcia from the Visual and Performing Arts, said, “Memorial Day is important because it’s the day where we remember those who served in the army.”

Garcia also explained what schools and other students can do to remember those who have passed away. “I think that we should do a mini memorial to start off a tradition,” said Garcia. She also explained how this would show our appreciation and sympathy towards military. “This can be something small to remind others how the military serve and risk their lives for the safety of country,” Garcia explained.

Kimberly Castro from the Tech & Media magnet, said, “I feel like a lot of us forgot that there are people sacrificing their lives for our safety.” Castro feels that the day we have off school should allow to remember our military. “Being able to dedicate a whole day for those who have passed should really remind us that we need to appreciate those who fought for our country’s safety,” said Castro.

Others have bigger ideas as to what we can do to show remembrance throughout the school. Yenny Mondragon, a junior from the Health Science & Environment, explained what she would like to do in honor of Memorial Day. “I would try to do posters in honor of Memorial Day, and I would make students come to school and do activities to help spread awareness,” Mondragon said.

All students have different ideas and plans that they would like to do to allow others to feel connected to those who were in the military and have now passed away. They hope that one day these ideas will become reality.



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