Observing World No Tobacco Day

By Sabrina Alvarado

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tobacco use is the second cause of death globally and is currently responsible for killing one in ten adults. World No Tobacco Day is created for this reason. World No Tobacco day is held on May 31 of every year and intends to encourage people to not consume tobacco for at least 24 hours. On this day, some people are informed about the many dangers and risks of consuming tobacco.

Jeanie Lopez, a freshman in the Health Science & Environment small school has some ideas about why World No Tobacco Day was started. She said, “[I think it was created] so that others can realize how bad it is and maybe [it will] help them stop smoking.” Although there are different ways to use tobacco, smoking is the most common. However, Lopez says she has never used, and doesn’t plan on using any type of tobacco. “I’ve never used tobacco in any way, shape, or form. Unlike smokers, I actually care about taking care of [myself].”

Just because Lopez has never consumed tobacco, that doesn’t mean that is uncommon for young people to do so. Jennifer Soto, a freshman in the Health Science & Environment small school said, “I can be walking down my neighborhood and I’ll see some teenage [boys] smoking, like it’s normal.” World No Tobacco Day was also created with the hopes of lowering smoking rates, especially for younger people.

It is known that people use tobacco for many different reasons. Some want to look cool, some do it because their friends are doing it, and others do it just because they can. Luann Diaz, a freshman in Tech & Media magnet said, “Maybe [they use tobacco] because it makes them feel better or more relaxed.” However, Diaz believes that these are not very good reasons to use tobacco. She also said, “They could probably exercise, [use their] phone, or something like that.” This goes to show that there are other, safer things to do, besides consuming tobacco, in order to stay entertained and/or relaxed.

Of the one billion people in the world who smoke, eight hundred million are men. And although smoking rates in some countries are decreasing, in other countries, they are quickly rising.  


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