Jaguars Baseball Team Reflects on Past Season

By Arianna Maldonado

Baseball season is over and the team has experienced their ups and downs. They had their good games and and their bad games. All teams have their struggles and memorable moments, even though some things didn’t go the way they wanted it to. The Jaguars Baseball team didn’t have a good season, according to one the players.

Now that the season is over, players can’t wait to play again. This season was not the best for the players, since they didn’t encourage each other as much as a team should. Anthony Rodriguez, a freshman in the Tech & Media Magnet, said, “We could of done a lot better [such as] defense and coming together such as bonding.” Bonding with the team and helping each other improve can have an impact on the way the team does on the field.

There are many struggles the team faced as a result of not bonding with each other. Some of those struggles are lack of communication, blaming each other for mistakes that were made instead of helping each other improve, and not being able to win a game without the team being supportive.

Several good memories were made despite the struggles the team faced. Not all the team members bonded, but those who did made good memories and enjoyed the season more. There were games that the team felt most proud of. “Games verses Lincoln and Fairfax [ were memorable ], and I can’t remember the rest,” said Rodriguez.

“I think they did pretty good, you could see all the players trying their best,” said Cindy Oropeza, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet. The players tried to do their best in all the games even if they did have some difficulties.

The team hopes to do better next season and are willing to improve. All the struggles the team had will help them improve as a team and help each person do better in the position they are playing. “Honestly, if we bond and come together, we should go undefeated,” said Rodriguez.


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