Dancing is Life for Aileen


       She was motivated by Step Up, a series of movies that follows the stories of dancers, and by her third grade teacher who taught her how to shuffle. It was the impact of those influences that inspired Aileen to start dancing.
     Aileen Hernandez is a freshman in Business, Innovation and Leadership small school. Her hobbies are finding new artist to view, dancing in her spare time and spending time with her dog.
         She was eight, still in elementary, when she started dancing. Her first time was when her school was holding a event that required her to dance with her whole class. It was from that point on that lead her to dance everyday at least thirty minutes a day to improve her skills.
        Aileen says depending on how she feels, she transfers her feelings into dance without  planning choreography. She said she mostly listens to EDM music but doesn’t mind listening to other things. Aileen said, “I dance in this specific style called shuffling, but I add more things to it than just [than] shuffling.”
         One of her happiest moment was when she went to the World Of Dance event, an event held for dancers to show of their skills and to meet their fans. Those who go to World Of Dance are often back up dancers for celebrities or dancers seen in pump videos, according to Aileen. She said she has met a lot of dancers but still hasn’t met her favorite dancer.
      Aileen’s advice to beginners dancers is to start from the basic by watching a dancing show or seeing friends dance. She says that the way a person dance and their style of dancing is what identifies them as a dancer. Aileen said, “I think [that] the challenges many dancers face in their career, is trying to put themselves out there and get noticed more. I find a lot of good dancers who are out there and a lot who haven’t been noticed at all but should be shared around [though social media].” She wants dancers to know that they shouldn’t let others compare them to other people, because everyone is unique in their own way.


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