Angela Diaz’s Views on Valiente Charter School

By Azeneth Olguin

The Valiente Charter School is going to relocate at South East High School next year. This means that 6th to 8th graders are going to be walking the same halls as 9th to 12th graders. Is it ok for this to happen?

There will be 8 year olds with 18 year olds. Many students feel that this isn’t a good idea and don’t want this to happen. One of these students is freshman Angela Diaz, in the Tech & Media magnet. She feels that the Valiente Charter school shouldn’t be coming. Diaz said, “I feel disappointed and a bit mad [that the charter school is coming to our school], because it’s not right that middle school students have to share a school that holds high school students. [Plus having to share the same area].”

Angela doesn’t want the charter school students to come because she doesn’t want to have to share the same restrooms as them and the school might end up losing classrooms such as computer labs so they can have classrooms there. She said, I don’t want to see 11-year-olds walking the same halls as me, a 14-year old.”

To express her opinion, as well as many other students who feel the same way she does, they put together a walk-out. In total, there were two walk-outs. Angela took part in the first one. It took place in the quad from the beginning of first period to 5th period. Diaz said, “I left 2nd period and also stayed for 3rd. It was a peaceful protest and I wanted to voice my opinion.” She feels that it will affect more the 9th graders, because they are the ones who are staying here the longest.

“This could affect the school because future students that are going to enroll might not want to anymore because of the lower grades that are here as well.”


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