Allan Ceron Returns for Football

By Giselle Reyes

Although football season already ended, football players have still been practicing every day and after school.  Allan Ceron is one of many football players who shows strength and effort during their games and practices. He is on the Junior Varsity team and is a freshman in Business and Innovation small school. Ceron said, “The position I play is the wide receiver and also cornerback. [The reason] I chose football [as a sport is] because it seems fun and I wanted to try something new.”

During their practices, the team focuses on strength, speed, and reflexes and everyone is expected to try their best. Erick Rios, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet, playing as O line and D line, said, “Allan in practices is one of the most hardworking people [and] he puts effort into whatever we do on and off the field.”

His teammates and people that have seen him believe that he truly does try his best. Victor Ramos, a freshman in the Justice and Law small school said, “He does good and you can tell he puts effort because he [is] always trying his best to fix his errors.”

The coach works hard to put the team in their best shape. Rios said, “The coach is hard on us, because we play hard positions and he help[s] us a lot on what we need help with.”

It’s not uncommon for athletes to get injured. Some get major injuries that prevent them from continuing their sport but others have smaller ones that just need some rest. Rios said, “He has had two injuries [that I know of] one last year in season and the other just recently. It didn’t really affect him, it just effected him, it just effected how his performance because he didn’t practice during the injuries.”

When he would participate in the games his teammates were really proud of the effort. His practices are where he shows his potential and the effort he puts when he is on the field. For instance, Ramos said, “He is doing good because he is trying to improve before next season.”

He also does his best in his schoolwork, because when school did the scholar athlete rewards he was called out. Overall, Ceron is a good teammate and student who never gives up and always tries his best.


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