Senior Goodbyes

By Tlallei Salinas

Being a senior comes with many responsibilities. Stress is something that many experience because of tests, college acceptances, and graduation. They need to make sure they keep up with their grades.

Joana Corona is a Senior in the Visual And Performing Arts small school. Her greatest accomplishment has simply been being able to finish high school. She said, “It is one of my greatest [accomplishments] because I am the first in my family to go through high school and who will be graduating soon.” She wants to be an example that her sisters can follow and she wants them to be proud. “Being a role model for my sisters is something that I’ve always wanted to accomplish [this] and I’m glad I did.” She is proud that she been able to be an honor roll student all four years of high school.

Families can influence someone greatly. They are the people who help shape what everyone turns out to be. Family is very important to Corona and wants to make them as proud of her as they can. For instance, she said, “ [The] people who have influenced me to do my best are my parents. Ever since I entered kindergarten, they have always taught me to try my best in everything and to stay in school and to never give up.  I also want to make my older brother and two younger sisters proud and to be a role model to them. They are the ones who have always been there and have always supported me, so they are the ones who have influenced me the most. I do this for my family and for myself.” Her parents are the people who really push her, inspire her, and teach her. “They have both taught me to how to be a humbled, loving, caring, and a hardworking person. They teach us about life even though we struggle most of the time. They always manage to keep a smile on their face and always make sure that we have what we need the most.”

Extracurriculars and clubs are what some come looking forward to joining. Corona joined soccer her freshman year and was part of the team all for years. She said, “[Something I am proud of is] being able to be the team captain and also being elected MVP my sophomore year.”  As she continued playing she learned things and continued to better herself as a player. “[I was] elected Most Improved player my senior year. I had told myself I really wanted to win an award for my last high school season and it happened.” She had also joined some clubs. Some of the clubs she had joined were leadership and Make a Child Smile. “Being Secretary for the Make a Child Smile club is one of my achievements.”

Making sure you take the classes you need and will benefit you the most can be difficult. Corona made sure she took all the classes that would benefit her the most by asking others what would help her best. “Getting recommendations and advice and taking them into consideration. As well as, thinking of which classes will benefit my future and get me into the career I want.”

Being a senior makes everyone feel a different way. Everyone experiences different emotions and have different thoughts about it. “My senior year coming to an end makes me feel so many emotions at once. Sadness. Joy. [Feeling] Nervous.[Feeling] Scared. It is distressing to think that these last four years of my life at South East High school have made me into the better person I am today, and I couldn’t be any more grateful. I am proud to be a Jaguar and will always be one even after leaving South East.”



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