Senior Class President Graduates

By Arianna Sanabria

The school year is about to end and with memories made. Now it’s time for seniors in leadership to graduate, like William Rubi.

“The initial reason I joined leadership freshman year was for college. I knew it would look good and help my chances to get accepted,” Rubi, a senior in Tech & Media magnet said.

Rubi joined the leadership program in his freshman year of high school and has also been involved with MESA, USC Trio, student council for Tech & Media magnet, and Interact. Rubi has said that it takes time and dedication to be in many extra-curricular activities.

“He’s always making sure things are being done and always takes charge of submitting paperwork that needs to be submitted for our fundraisers or spirit weeks and everything else. He’s always doing something,” Joana Corona, a senior in the VAPA small school said.

Rubi has said that the best thing about leadership is the leadership experience such as organizing events and watch them become successful. After high school is over for Rubi he plans to become an electrical engineer.

“The reality is, yes it is a lot of work at times, but it’s also very fun, because you get close to the people in leadership, and it becomes a family,” Rubi said.




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