Teenage Drivers

Quotes collected by Nicole Funes

“I thought driving was going to be fun, because I wouldn’t have to take the bus anymore and I could go anywhere I want to, [but] sometimes I have to deal with a lot of traffic and be careful with reckless drivers that drive crazy, so it’s not what I expected it to be,” said Fernando Alfaro, a junior in the Justice, Law and Service small school.

“[Some advice to beginning drivers is to not] be overconfident when you first start out, take it slow because there are countless situations that could occur and you have to be ready for anything,” said Nicholas Sanchez, a junior in the Health, Science and Environment small school.

“Driving has taught me patience, because you want to get to your destination fast, but at the same time you don’t want to crash into the people. You also don’t want the police to come get you, so you have to stay below the speed limit,” said Javier Carranza, a senior in the Business, Innovation and Leadership small school.

“My sister worked at Panda during the summer, so we would pick her up when she would close. At 11:30 pm there were no cars, so my mom would take me driving around the Walgreens, [and] I’ve always wanted to learn how to drive, so when I did learn, it was easy for me,” said Cesar Leon, a sophomore in the Technology & Media magnet.

“An open road is a clear mind. [Driving is] relaxing and [it] helps you forget about everything. You’re in your own little bubble,” said Almaluz Medrano, a senior in the Technology & Media magnet.


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