Boys’ volleyball off to a rough start


The boys’ volleyball team are more than halfway done with their season. Having a 4-7 overall record, the team is not satisfied with their standings. “As of now the team is in a turmoil. We have had some pretty bad games, especially losing to our rivals, South Gate high school.” said Missael Raya, a senior in the Tech & Media magnet.

Despite the rough start, Raya, feels that the team has some weaknesses that need to be worked on in order to have a successful season. “ We really haven’t been communicating correctly but thats all going to change during practice. We all discussed as a team to focus on mental errors because volleyball is 85% mental and 15% physical.” Raya, said. Raya, really emphasizes that the skills are there but there is no way to use them without communication. “ I don’t see why we shouldn’t win all of our games but again it’s our communication.” Raya, said.

With the team now working on creating chemistry among players, they feel that the remaining season will bring their spirits up and provide experience to avenge their loss against the South Gate Rams.“The goal is to win league. We do not want to lose anymore and we have to prove it by winning games. I really want to win against South Gate the next time; I know we have all the potential to win them. It’s just a mental game.” said Francisco Castillos a senior in the Tech & Media magnet.


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