The Golf Team is a Few Strokes Away From Greatness


At school there are many sports that students can join, but there wasn’t a golf team, until now. With a Latin American teacher, and a Physical Education teacher a golf team was created. Mr.Jantzen and Mr.Coria are the coaches for the golf team.

Mr.Jantzen, a Latin American teacher in the Tech & Media magnet, said, “Mr. Nunez told me that he always wanted to have a golf team here at the school, but wasn’t sure who would coach it, or if the students would have enough interest. Because I love the sport so much, I immediately jumped at the chance to coach a team when he presented the idea to me.”

The team practices at a golf course called Los Amigos Golf Course in Downey. They play matches at golf courses all over the city. Right now there is only a varsity team, but they’re looking forward to having a JV team as well when more people are interested.

Mauricio Maravilla, a sophomore from the Tech & Media magnet who is on the golf team, said, “ I wanted to join the golf team because it was a new experience and environment for me. I love the outdoors and I thought it would be great for me to play golf,” Maravilla has never played golf, but he was interested in playing.

Luann Diaz, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet, said, “ I wanted to join golf, because I thought it would be cool. When I was practicing with the team everyone was very supportive, and it didn’t matter what little experience we had with playing golf which was my favorite part about being on the team.” Unfortunately, Diaz had to quit the team because of personal reasons, but “I would have loved to stay on the team but I couldn’t because of personal reasons. Although I loved practicing with them.”

Everyone on the team is like a small family who all support each other. Jantzen said, “ The students on the team immediately fell in love with the game. It’s more difficult than they expected it to be, but they are always enthusiastic about practicing and have already made a lot of progress.” Regardless of golf being a new sport at school, students are having fun and aiming to get better.

Although the team is new, there are some perks to it. “The greatest advantage is that they are all extremely eager to learn. The biggest disadvantage is the fact that there is so much to learn in a short amount of time. In addition, the majority of our players are seniors, so whoever we recruit next year will also be starting from square one,” Jantzen said.


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