Spring Break Hazards

By Jorge Guzman

Spring break can be dangerous if people aren’t aware of their surroundings. Spring break is often and usually a fun and relaxing time, although there are some hazards that revolve around spring break.

       Spring break is usually related to partying and a time to just hang out with others. But, there are a few accidents that may not come to mind when thinking about spring break. According to a new study published in Economic Inquiry, “This week out of school can be dangerous for many, but college students in particular, with the holiday leading to a sharp jump in traffic fatalities.”

       Spring break can be hazardous if students are not alert.“We found out that the last week of February and the first week of April, there is a significantly larger number of traffic fatalities near spring break hot spots compared to other locations,” said researcher Michael T. French, a professor of the University of Miami.

       Even though there are a lot of traffic related accidents during spring break, it doesn’t mean they are not preventable. According to the Science Daily, “Travel vouchers for rideshares, taxis and other programs might go a long way in saving a life this spring break.” Michael T. French and his team looked into traffic fatalities in 14 popular spring break destinations from Florida to California. They discovered that death tolls were around 9.1% higher during spring break in these destinations, with a higher fatality incidence among drivers under 25 and those traveling from out-of-state.

       Spring break can be a fun time as long as there are no accidents and people stay aware of their surroundings.


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