Seniors star in Talent Show

The senior talent show is an annual activity for students. There were three winners at the talent show from different categories. Third place winners were Mrs. Villalta and Kimberly Garcia, a senior in the Health, Science, & Environment who did a color-guard inspired performance. Second place was Genevieve Gudino, a senior in the Justice, Law, & Service small school who did an Asian inspired dance. And the first place winner was Rebeca Gonzalez, a senior in the Health, Science & Environment small school who performed “Go Gina” by SZA.

The show consisted of more than 20 acts from a wide range of talent that included singing, poetry, and other performances.

This was the first year the talent show was open to teachers, parents, and faculty. As in previous years, the talent show was only open to seniors during a long, three-hour advisory. This year’s show was held during the evening from 5 to 7 p.m, allowing parents to be among the crowd.

After a year hiatus, the class of 2018 hosted the 2018 senior talent show. The talent show took place in the school auditorium on Friday, March 16.


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