Play Like a Jaguar

By Vivian Estrada

“Ayy-ay-ay-ayyy, ” sang the mariachi group from school as the group brought the audience to the dance floor. The dance floor was filled with smiles and footsteps as they stomped to the beat of song. Spinning, twirling, sweating. The musicians played their instruments. The audience claps excitedly and sings along. Later, mariachi members shared their plans with music and stories about the club. As a group, they are preparing for the spring concert.

Sometimes  trying new things is a great opportunity. Hector Guzman, a senior in the Visual and Performing Arts small school, started playing the violin his freshman year. He was surprised himself, saying, “I was never really into music just wanted to do something instead of going home [it is] ironic that I chose that out of every other club.” There are many clubs on campus; the mariachi club encourages students to try new things, maybe even sing along or dance a bit to the beat of the songs.

There are two members in the club who know they want to pursue in the music industry. That already know they love an instrument. Adrian Castillo, a junior in the

Visual and Performing Arts small school, wanted a more diverse way of playing his guitar. In mariachi, he plays the vihuela. He has played in the group since sophomore year. His favorite song to play is called “Cielito Lindo” he enjoys playing this song

because of all the chord changes. Although he loves to be in mariachi, he said “I won’t continue with the mariachi, but I will continue on guitar with my own metal band.”

The other member, Jennifer Guerrero, a senior in the Visual and Performing Arts small school, knew she wanted to play in the club because of the vibe. She has learned to play at the age of thirteen. She doesn’t have a favorite song, but she enjoys playing all types of music. “I don’t really have a favorite song to play I love playing all types of music,” said Guerrero.

As a group their next big event is the spring concert at school and all members are putting in one hundred percent to the big audience that they will have. This show is one of the big shows that they all look up to. “Well all the performances are exciting, so I can’t pick between them,” said Castillo. Another event coming up for the group is the mariachi convention. The group has big events coming up, and if students dare to sing along then try and hit the right note and get a mariachi hat.  


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