The Barrier Awaits

By Melanie Cabrera

When we take a test, teachers separate us, at school students separate us into groups because we are stereotyped every day at school. Now, they want even greater separation between our countries.
As of right now, there is a fence and natural geographics that are the Southern border, but the president of the United States still wants to build his great and powerful wall.. The wall will be built to stop the people who Mexico keep sending into the United States, including people with problems, rapists, and criminals. According to the president, the wall will also stop drug cartels that “poison our youth” and stop immigrants from finding ways to come in. There already stands a wall, at the Mexican border, but the president wants to re-enforce it with 25 billion dollars that will come out of Mexico’s pocket.
One of the things the president does not address is the good people who are trying to come through that border and what they seek in our country. People come to the United States fleeing violence or searching for happiness and a better life. If Mexico can’t offer its people what they need, and the U.S can then why aren’t we helping is the question.
There are people who can’t be reunited with their family, because of the wall that stands between them. Mothers are trying to bring their children with them so they can start a better life. We’re constantly tearing families apart, and it has to come to an end. That is a compliment for people seeking to come into my country because that’s how great it is. So instead of focusing on keeping people out, we should focus on how to better our country with a greater population so everyone can be united. After all, it isn’t called the “United” States for nothing.
As said before, the wall will stop drugs coming into the United States says our president. So, why are drug cartels thanking the president for the wall he wants to build? In 2015, 95 percent of drugs were entering via ships and other ways not including the wall according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. The wall cannot stop other ways drugs come into our country it will only prevent one passage of the drugs: the border. They send their drugs into the U.S, but it’s the citizens of our country; who are consuming these drugs.
We the people, consume the drugs,but our president is only addressing drug cartels for bringing the drugs, yet we take them.
This year will be the greatest year of our economy the president promises. What a great year where we throw 25 billion dollars into the trash with the wall the president has set his mind on.
Based on the president’s tweets, the wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it. The country that is seeking ours for better will only get worse if they pay for a wall that stops them from a better future with a job. No one would have to take money out of their pocket if the wall isn’t built.
We need to find solutions, instead of building barriers that will only put off our problems. But for how long? What happens when the wall has flaws and immigrants find new ways to come into our country? What do we do then? Do we build an even greater wall?


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