Immigration and the Wall

By Juliana Gutierrez

Trump claims that Mexico will pay for all the costs of building a wall on the border, although Mexico is sure that they will not pay for anything. Since Mexico says they aren’t going to pay for anything, it is up to the U.S. to pay for it. Building the wall can actually a lot of money. This could possibly lessen the amount of money the United States has in total. With the wall in the works, the wall shouldn’t even be built at all.

The wall can possibly help heighten the amount of security inside of the United States. This could possibly cause the rate of the immigrants deported to go up even higher. The U.S. will have more officials begin to thoroughly check for the immigrants living in the U.S., which will be bad thing for the immigrants themselves.

Building the wall can tear the families of immigrants apart. Since there can possibly be more border patrol, it will be harder for the families to cross together. If the immigrants plan to come into the U.S., one family member can get left behind for any reason. This can cause the families to be separated for who knows how long.

Having the wall built will lessen the amount of jobs that are taken by immigrants. This is because immigrants are very important to the economy. Most of the immigrants that cross over to the U.S. are willing to take the jobs that nobody else wants.Immigration a


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