Immigration and the Border Wall

By Giselle Reyes

When you think about the topic immigration, the first thing you think about is probably the border wall. The border wall is something the president of the United States talks about, as well as the people. Some say that the wall needs to improve. Other say we need to change immigration laws, because it separates families. Some believe that the wall gives the U.S. protection from who people that want to cross it with bad intentions.We all look at the border in different ways, but we have similar thoughts about it.

Immigration starts at the border when some people want to cross illegally to the United States. Immigrants can go over it, under it, through it, or through the main entrance. People who come to the United States, illegally or legally, come for many reasons. These intentions might be bad or good, but, overall, we need to take into consideration other points of view about the wall.

Building the border wall is beneficial, but also bad, so I think they should just leave the wall as it is and not “build a great wall” like our president Donald Trump says. Along with the president, some people say we should improve the border wall. They say we should make it taller and thicker, so it is indestructible.

On the other hand, the border is there to keep bad people away. The only problem is that most of the time these people still find ways to pass through. This means that if we improve the wall we will only be wasting money on something that isn’t 100 percent effective. The president also said, “I will have Mexico pay for that wall.” But why would Mexico pay for something that the United States wants? This would just be unfair to them.

The border wall has also caused the separation of  families and friends. Even though it is bad for people to cross illegally, we still have to think about why they made this decision. Sometimes they can come to the U.S. looking for a new life, better job opportunities, or other families being here. People also might come for bad reasons like to transport drugs or running away from a crime they commited. When immigrants do come for good reasons, but get caught and deported, this results the separation of the good, nice, and happy families they had before the deportation. The question is: what is the point of deportation on good people? Why can’t they get the criminals instead of the people who are living in peace?

The border wall is a symbol of separation, but there are good immigrants in our nation and not all of them are bad. The wall is a good option, because it helps keep some of the criminals away from our country, although it’s not all of them. Separation on family is getting worse and should stop. Making the U.S. and Mexico waste money on a wall that might not even work isn’t right. I’m not saying we should take the border wall down, but just leave it alone as is and think of better ways to help the United States and probably even Mexico to find ways to help.


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