Immigration and other countries


In my opinion, the U.S. is not the best place to immigrate to, but it is also not the worst place to immigrate to.

Recently, the U.S. has had controversy over the immigration system and the policies they have for Muslims, Arabs, and Latinos.But the U.S isn’t the only country that has many immigrants move into their land. Other countries are Canada and Mexico; these countries have their own immigration policies.

Canada is just north of the United States and is also a great ally of the U.S. But just because they are an ally doesn’t mean they have the same laws, including immigration laws. These two countries have very different immigration laws. Canada is known to have open arms and known to be the most prosperous and successful country to the immigrant population according to multiple sources. It is also known to be very reasonable, which is something that they do better than the U.S. This makes Canada a better place to immigrate from other countries rather than the United States.

Mexico is just south of the United States and has problems with the U.S about immigration and letting Mexicans into the U.S. But that is not really the point, Mexico is a very corrupt country and that does not help their immigration laws. In a way, it makes it worse. Mexico is known to very much “dislike” Central and Southern Americans. They treat them horribly compared to other immigrants, but they still aren’t fair. There laws are very strict for all immigrants that they have to follow one being that illegal immigration is a felony and you can get serious time for that, and if they break any laws, they are imprisoned with a felony -even for legal immigrants. Something that is also unfair is that employment is very unreasonable -even for legal immigrants. This means that the United States is a better country to immigrate to than Mexico.

Countries policies on immigration are very different and differ from country to country. Economic status might also play a role, because Canada has a great economic status, while Mexico has a horrible status. Canada has open arms. The U.S. let’s most people in, and Mexico will let people in, but they are just very strict. At the end of the day, it depends where the person wants to immigrate to, and where they feel the most comfortable and the most happy.


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