Immigration and Family

By Azeneth Olguin

When we think about immigrants, we don’t think about what sacrifices they have made to try and come into the U.S. One of their sacrifices is not being able to come with their families together.

Immigrant families try to come into the U.S. to have a better life, but it isn’t easy. Many times, only one family member comes into the U.S. illegally to try to make money to send back home.

If they are lucky, the family member can make enough money to be able to bring their family into the U.S. Unfortunately, the chances are very slim.

Sometimes a family member is already living in the U.S. Their families try to cross the border, so they can be able to see and live with their family. But in order to do that, they would have to cross the border which is very difficult.

It’s hard for them, because if they get caught by border patrol, they get deported and they can’t come back. This causes families to get separated, which is very common when coming to the U.S illegally.

Children who are back at home try and make an effort to get into the U.S. to be with them. They risk everything for the smallest chance. These kids can be younger than 18 years old, and they are on their own without anyone to protect them.

If they get lucky, they can get into programs that can help them stay in the U.S. but it’s long process and hard to enter.


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