Immigration and Education

By Briana Ramirez

Education is something that is valued greatly in the world. It is how we get the high paying jobs. But not everyone is privileged with an education.

The majority of those without an education or who struggle to have one are immigrants or children whose parents are immigrants. Undocumented students face obstacles because of their parents’ undocumented statuses which is often related to poverty, and fears of deportation. Undocumented teens face barriers to social adaptability as they enter young adulthood. They hope to get a driver’s licenses and financial aid for college. Even when children are unaware of their family’s legal status, being undocumented or the child of an undocumented parent negatively impacts a child’s development. The language they speak is also a major factor. Tests often force schools to emphasize learning in English, neglecting the incredible asset of children’s other languages.

Even though the students are not documented, it is their given right to attend school. Though there are many people who disagree with this. Many districts in New York have been stopping immigrant children from entering schools, while others were actively trying to prevent them from becoming part of the school community. For example, enrollment for these children were often unreasonably and repeatedly delayed, according to Eric T. Schneiderman an attorney general of New York State.

Isabel Pavana, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet said, “I think [immigrants] deserve an education as much as Americans do. There is no reason why an immigrant should be denied from attending school just because they don’t have a piece of paper that says ‘U.S Citizen’.” There are students who have that paper, and they take advantage of it and misuse it. Immigrants, when it comes to education, are the most driven, because they want to have a good education to get a good job. The sole purpose for which immigrants migrated to the United States is because they wanted a better life with a good education that will lead to getting a good job and a better future.


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