Valeria Reyes

By Andrea Galvez

  “TWEEEEET”  the ball gets passed by both forwards then back down to the middle straight and then heads right towards Valeria Reyes. With some quick thinking, she effortlessly controls the ball, and makes a perfect pass straight towards the forward, who, with a swift tap on the ball, aims and GOAL! And in that moment, Valeria Reyes makes her first assist of the season against Garfield High school.
     Valeria Reyes, a freshman athlete in the Tech & Media Magnet small school, recently participated in tryouts and joined the girl’s SEHS soccer team. She currently plays right and left midfield and is number 57 on the field.
    Reyes has been playing soccer for almost three years now. She describes it as an awesome experience and explains that her best ever play was an assist against Garfield High school.
     “At first I thought that the pass I had made was absolutely awful and not strong enough until I [saw] our forwards take a nice shot to the goal,” Reyes said. She also adds how she was so nervous during the game that not only was her forehead dripping with sweat,  but her palms were too.    

Galvez 2

     “When the ball went [into] the goal I felt my heart plump down to my chest. I couldn’t believe I had made a perfect assist. As I looked back at my teammates  applauding and cheering I knew that I had made not only my teammates proud, but my coach [as well].”  Reyes says with unmistakably wonder in her voice.
     Reyes, along with the entire JV team, has soccer practice every day after school and she puts all her efforts to get better every hour spent on the field. “I like practicing; I feel like with every practice I get a little better each day,” Reyes says. Reyes adds how playing soccer has helped her momentarily forget about all the problems at school and home and allows her a moment of fun distraction. Even trying to improve and master a new trick that was taught during practice kills plenty of time.     
     “The soccer girls are not just a team. We consider each other family! We help each other to our best, and our tough time. I am proud to be part of this team,” Reyes said.


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