Millie goes to School


       Millie heart was racing as they entered. Her cousin’s house was only three houses away from the school. It happened one year ago. She was scared.The appearance of Clown costumes were trending at the time. She hates their red puffy wigs and their red foam nose.What was she doing trespassing on school property?
     It’s the craziest thing she has done.Breaking into a school. Millie was visiting her cousin, when they got the idea to go to an elementary school near her cousin’s house. They didn’t go to vandalize or steal, but to play on the playground, slides, handball, basketball and tetherballs courts.
      Millie stuck her hand through the steel bar door and pushed the push bar on the opposite side. At the front of the school is a busy street, cars rumbling and honks could be heard.The street has bushes blocking viewers from the school.
     The door opened for Millie, they had to cross a blacktop to get to the playground. “We went for a few minutes and we went on the swings and climbed on tables,then we left,” said Millie.They left after a few minutes because they thought they saw a police car.
Millie is open about the event since she says she doesn’t live near the elementary school. Millie even mention the experience with her mother who told her to be careful, not get caught. She said, “It was fun, we thought we were going to get caught.”
      Millie Ramirez  is a freshmen in the Tech & Media magnet. She loves to to play with her cats Cinnamon, Snow, and Sky. Her goal for this year is to finish her art book by April to get into AP art. She also loves to read fiction and non-fiction books.


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