All about Jasmine Orozco

By Heidi Cisneros

Running really fast while her muscles are burning, she tries to shoot the ball into the hoop to get points.  Orozco runs really fast while sweat drips down her face.  She tries really hard not to fall, her shoes are squeaking from going fast.  Her teammates run really fast too, calling for her and asking for the ball.  Jasmin makes it, she shoots and scores!  Everyone screams with  joy and hugs her. Jasmine said, “In practice, I get very tired, but it’s still worth it at the end.”

She enjoys going to the park to practice. “One of the main things I focus on is not to make fouls, travels and double dribble because I make those a lot,” she said.

Orozco’s mom really motivates her to work hard in school and in basketball.  Her mom goes and watches her practice everyday to keep her company.  Jasmin really likes when her mom goes to watch her games; it makes her try and work even harder to impress her.  Orozco really wanted to join basketball at South East, because she wanted to be an activity part of the school.  Orozco states that next year she will be trying out for the girls basketball team.

Orozco said, “ My favorite holiday is Christmas because you give and receive presents,also because it’s Jesus’ birthday.”  When she grows, up she wants to be a pediatrician, because it is fun to work with kids.  Her three goals are to get a job, have money and graduate.  Orozco’s favorite movie is “Girls’ Trip” because it is funny.

One of her embarrassing stories is when she fell down the stairs.  She was walking to another class and missed a step, so she fell.  She turned around to make sure no one saw and a lot of people were watching.  Orozco said, “When I turned around no one was laughing but I was still embarrassed.”  

 One of Orozco’s favorite subjects is math.  She likes math, because it’s easy for her.  From all the animals her favorite is a dog.  She likes dogs because they are so playful.

Her biggest dream is to be a pediatrician.  Jasmin Orozco is a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet.  Orozco has three dogs, one chihuahua and two pitbulls.  She has three brothers one older and two younger brothers.  Her favorite food is tacos.


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