Adrian Diezmo: Coming of Age

By Bianca Diezmo

When somebody is a kid, they go to school and do their work.  While transitioning into a young adult, newfound responsibilities are gradually added to their plate. Adrian Diezmo, a senior in Justice and Law small school, is going through this exact situation.

           From applying to colleges and universities to getting a job, there are many new obligations being added to his plate. “These four years have been an experience. I’m sad that I’m leaving, but, overall, I know I’m into better and bigger things,” said Diezmo. He also said, “I feel very stressed. I just got my first job and it’s the first adult thing I’ve really done I guess. It’s hard but I’m going to have to grow up whether I like it or not.”

            So, with trying to get through senior year and having a job, is there really time to do anything else? Diezmo had played on the basketball team his sophomore and junior years, but he did not join the team for his last year at South East. He said, “I needed to work and focus on school. I’m taking several AP classes. I have a lot of new priorities, and basketball didn’t really fit into that.” So, if these responsibilities affect his extracurricular participation at school, surely it must have an impact on his social life as well. “ I’m always doing homework, studying, or working. I never really get to go out and be with my friends anymore, but as long as I know this will pay off in the long run, I’m fine.”

       So, what is it that he hopes this hard work and commitment will get him to? “I want to possibly continue working, but, ultimately, I want to go to university, preferably a UC, and get my masters in economics,” Diezmo said.  

      “ I believe the key to a successful future is hard work and dedication in the present. The harder you work, the better your future is likely to be.” said Diezmo. Regardless of distraction, Adrian continues to work hard as a student, determined to succeed.                         



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