The Smell of the Flying Ball

By Emmy Flores

She’s running.

First base. Then, second base. Third base. Home run! With all smiles, the excitement shows on her face after she hits a home run. Janelle Lopez, is a freshman athlete in Tech & Media magnet. She plays first base for the school’s Varsity softball team. Besides softball, she also plays for the school’s JV soccer team.

“Softball is my main sport. I’ve been playing since third grade,” she says. Her daily routine involves going to both softball and soccer practice on the same days.

Lopez thinks that if she wasn’t playing these sports she wouldn’t be fit. “Softball and soccer has helped me to say fit and playing them distracts me from other things going on in my life.” She loves to play softball the most because it is fun for her.

“Softball season starts in February,” Lopez says. She says that the team has been practicing early so they can be ready for the games coming up. As the days go by, they have been wanting to increase their skills in softball.

Lopez said that her parents are the most important people in her life, and that they support her with her decision in playing in softball. “They are the ones who give me advice on good and bad.” She also said that her friends help her out too.

She said that most of her best friends are at South Gate, but she does have close friends at South East too. “Daniela is one of my most closest friends,” Lopez said. Daniela Vargas, a freshman in the small school Justice and Law, is also a student athlete. She plays soccer in the school’s JV team like Lopez.

               Lopez and Vargas have been friends since middle school. “We are close friends,” Daniela says. They said that they would always support each other no matter what.

Softball is something Lopez feels she can’t do without.




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