The Art of Life

By Jorge Guzman

She doesn’t know how to say it. She would rather express herself through art. She grew up with art. Yuliana Barrera, a freshman in Tech & Media magnet said, “I got into art because my whole family draws or plays an instrument, and so I grew up around art.” She grew up around art and her whole family either draws or plays an instrument, and it rubbed off on her.

   “My type of art is more cultural and Mayan. Carved into the tree are symbols representing: strength, creation, wisdom,  love, grace, youth, and music, over the tree is the Mayan symbol for women. I designed the symbol to represent my culture. I view the tree as a family tree; it’s growing out of the letter a and has the symbol for female over it because every female in my family has a name that starts with the letter a. The symbols that are carved into the tree are important because what they stand for plays a huge role in my family and our beliefs, specifically strength and music. The symbol connects to me because I am Mayan and  my family and  I enjoy expressing our culture so I tried to express as much of the Mayan culture as I was able to,” Yuliana said. She represents herself through art and can add meaning to her pieces of art.


   Yuliana couldn’t have known what her childhood would be like, since her parents separated when she was six years old. “My mom is the most valued person in my life and the person I trust the most mainly, because I live with her and never go anywhere without her,” Yuliana said.

    She likes art, but other than art, she likes to go out so she won’t feel boxed up at home. She doesn’t like feeling boxed up and when she can’t express herself verbally, she can always express herself through art.

   She has a long time friend Jackie, and even considers her as a sister. “We got close because of our moms mainly,” said Jackie. They’ve been friends for a very long time and even convinced other people that they were actually sisters. Even though they aren’t actual sisters, they still treat each other like ones. Jackie described Yuliana as, “She is so funny and happy. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen her sad; she’s my sister.”

  She mainly likes cultural drawings or Mayan drawings. She likes how she doesn’t have to meet any demands and can draw whatever she wants. Whatever she draws, she takes her time to make it look good. She said, “Sometimes I feel like people are really annoying I’d rather just express myself through art.”


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