By Princesa Zavaleta

When running marathons, thousands of people all gather up to try to reach the finish line. “It seems as if were all a stampede of animals,” said Ericka Quezada, a freshman in the Tech & Media magnet. Quezada has joined SRLA, cross-country, and has ran marathons before. She finds it as a way to distract herself from negativity and a way to stay in shape.

Quezada’s goal to finish the L.A. Marathon was met last year. This accomplishment made its way up to the top chart as Quezada’s most memorable moment, although Quezada knew the marathon was going to be exhausting.

“I felt my heart racing as if it was running the same marathon I was. I could hear my breath, every second getting louder and louder,” Quezada explained. Quezada also explained that she felt as if she was dreaming. “I didn’t think this was actually happening, my whole life felt as if it was going in slow-motion,” she said.

This was a significant moment in Quezada’s life where she felt proud of what she had accomplished. “This was important to me because it was a day when I had to wake up extremely early in the morning and run for six hours. After that I was considered a marathon finisher,” Quezada said.

Quezada enjoys to run whether it’s in PE, after school, or just for fun. “There are many people who dislike running or simply just don’t enjoy it, but I do,” Quezada said. She enjoys running and getting physically active. “Running helps me stay at a healthy weight and keeps me happy,” she explained.

Quezada also considered running a hobby and enjoys it because of how it distracts her from negativity. “Running is very important to me because it’s a distraction from all the things going on, it also helps me to stay positive,” said Quezada.

Quezada is one of the few that finds running to be relaxing. She continues to enjoy running and will continue to run, doing further marathons and races later on in her life.



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