Little Person Big World

By Briana Ramirez

She walks down the dirty, trashed-filled streets trying not to get run over because that would mean no food. She takes snapchat videos, restricted by a sixty second time limit that will no doubt miss the best parts. She has long conversations and tries to say everything that has happened that day, but she knows that there are some things that were forgotten or that should not be repeated. She laughs because old memories were embarrassing.
She spends her lunch catching up with friends about the previous day. There are days where she can’t wait to hear the last bell, because she gets to go out with her friends and eat Chinese food. “I don’t know when the Chinese food place started being our go to place. It just did, and we have been going there for about almost a year. It’s like our safe place and our second home as crazy as that sounds,” said Aguilar.
On the way there they make games on the spot, or gossip about the TV shows they watch, or talk about people in the music and acting industry. “A funny moment I have experienced was one of my friends and I had started singing a song, while singing that song I came up with an idea to have a normal conversation with song lyrics and titles so we just started that we whole walk there,” said Aguilar. She likes being with her friends because they make her laugh and understand her and she is there for them. “She is a great person to just be with. She can make anyone laugh and brighten up their day. She gets along with everyone, I don’t think anyone can hate her,” said Victor Ramos, a freshman in Business, Innovation, and Leadership who is a close friend of Arisbeth.
This is the life of Arisbeth Aguilar, a freshman in the Justice and Law small school. She has a big family, she has two brothers, two sisters, a mother, a father, two nephews, a niece, two cats, and two dogs.


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