Catching In With Oswaldo Rodriguez

By Vivian Estrada

The crowd in the bleachers goes wild, as a football player runs past the goal line to make the touchdown for the Jaguars.

Oswaldo Rodriguez is in the Business, Innovation, and Leadership small school. Rodriguez has been playing football since middle school. He has been on another team before, he has been on the Lynwood Knights football team.  Rodriguez grew up in Watts and was born in Long Beach. Rodriguez has three siblings. Including his brother who is in middle school that says “I want to play football in high school like my brother.”

Rodriguez helps his brother out by practicing with him whenever he gets the chance. “My brother inspires me, I look up to him.” Rodriguez has been inspired himself.

“My inspiration is Odell Beckham, the reason he inspires me is because he never gives up and he doesn’t care about what people say,” said Rodriguez.

Helping others is one of his favorite things to do especially if it’s help with anything athletic. He has helped his community. “I helped my community by going to the park and volunteering to clean the park or sometimes even go and play football with children,” said Rodriguez.


The future is bright for a student like Rodriguez. “After high school I want to be recruited by the best college football school and attended that school,”Rodriguez said. Someone this young can have big dreams and can accomplish them, just believe in yourself. Even if things get hard you shouldn’t give up. Make improvements, how can you improve? Rodriguez has improved a lot according to a spectator on the bleachers that has been watching him play since middle school. This person is his girlfriend, she rather be unnamed. “At the beginning I thought he was good but now, he has shown how much he has improved by running faster and he has caught more when the ball comes his way,” said his girlfriend.

Keep your eyes on the goal line. “Accomplishing my dream is my main focus; that is being in the NFL. I will stay focused and not let negative things get to me, but I will take constructive criticism and fix my mistakes and try to work harder to make things right.”

Things can get tough on the field watch out for the tackles and the injuries. Obstacles on the field can stop you from making touchdowns. “One of my biggest obstacles I have faced was when I injured my shoulder blade and I couldn’t play for three to four months. I tried to jump for the ball and catch it with one hand and another player on the opposite team tried to intercept it so we both jumped and fell. When I fell he landed over my shoulder blade and the pain was so bad, I continued to play,” Rodriguez said. Now sometimes things can come easy. “The easiest was when the quarterback handed the ball to me and I ran all the way past the touchdown line and scored,” said Rodriguez with excitement. That is not all, Rodriguez has had some of the best plays. “I think that my best play has to be when the quarterback threw the ball and I was in the open and when he threw it I caught it one handed and I made the defense on the opposite team think I didn’t catch it, but I ran and made the touchdown,” Rodriguez said.

Being on the football team can make some people have stereotype mindsets about who you really are. “My hero is my mom, she has been with my since day one,”Rodriguez said.Touchdown for Rodriguez!!




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