Students look for sales on gifts and holiday spending time


The holidays consist of holiday sales and spending time with family. An algebra teacher in the Tech & Media magnet, Mr. Ruiz, said, “I would spend time with my family and open gifts.”

This Christmas, sales are being put on for many items for holiday gifts. Many items, according to; clothes, toys, and electronics are on sale up to 30%-50% off, which means people would want to search the web to buy what they want for less. Froylan Arce, a sophomore in the Visual and Performing Arts, said, “Clothes and electronics are most likely to be on sale.” Stores and online would most likely have these on sales.

For this Christmas, most likely the gifts would be electronics, according to Froylan. Charli Gomez, a freshman in Tech & Media magnet said, “It’s something that you really want, you should really get.” The majority of students would want electronics, that’s for sure. They also want to spend time with the family for the holidays.


For this year, families from all over the world will spend some time together. Family members from another state or country travel to see their families for this Christmas.

Families celebrate Christmas with their ugly sweaters, hot chocolate, and opening their presents. Children and teens ripping their gift’s wrapping paper up is a big part of Christmas and seeing the smiles on everyone’s face.

Mr. Ruiz, a math teacher at Tech & Media magnet said, “I would spend time with my family and open gifts because I love to spend some time with them on Christmas.” Family is important and many families are going to be together.


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