Students give their opinion on giving or receiving



To give or to Receive? It’s that time of year again,a time to make new memories. Whether receiving presents this season or giving them, the spirit of giving is alive.

Sandra Vargas, a senior in Tech & Media magnet, remembers the most memorable gift she received was at the age of 6 or 7 years old. Vargas was astonished with what she was given. “[My] brother gifted me a camera when I was only 6 or 7.” The camera she received at a young age is valuable for her and it still remains in her possession.

Vargas remembers feeling jittery to try out her new camera. She also remembers a gift she received at 16, that was completely age inappropriate. “It was a Frozen notebook.” Vargas recalls being stunned, and felt as if it was a joke that she’d gotten a Frozen notebook.

Brittney Guttierez, a senior in the Health Science and Environment small school, recalls her most memorable  gift as the one her best friend had given her.“ She gave me a frame with collaged pictures and memories of us,” said Guttierez. She loves her frame, and it means a lot to her because it reflects a deep friendship.

Another memorable gift Guttierez has received was from her parents.” It was an iPod with the Jonas brothers logo in the back,” said Guttierez. She would cherish it and really loved it. “I wanted to sleep with it and didn’t let anyone touch it and didn’t let anyone take it away,” Guttierez said. She was shocked at first when she received it from her parents,because she didn’t expect her strict parents would give her an iPod. Guttierez is excited for the upcoming holidays and hopes to make new memories with her family. She said, “ I am really thankful forall the gifts I’ve gotten throughout my years, and hope to have a wonderful time this holiday.”

When receiving a gift, Guttierez believes one should make the effort to give back. “When someone gives me a gift, I feel like now I have to give them a gift back as well,” said Guttierez.

Vargas also feels that it is nice to give a gift back when one has received a gift from someone. She also prefers to give than receive. “It just makes me feel good.” Vargas said it makes her happy when she can give to others.  

Giving a gift can come from the heart not because one feels obligated to do so. It’s the season to be jolly, the season of giving. Although one may like to receive gifts, the feeling left when giving can not be surpassed.


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