Students Donate Blood

Every year the Jaguars partner with the American Red Cross as an opportunity for students to donate blood. It is strongly promoted, as it is said one may become someone’s hero. This fall semester the school will host the annual blood drive and encourage students to participate.

Donating blood can be nerve-racking for first-time donors, but for experienced donors like Cabrera donating becomes an exciting experience. As Cabrera said, “I am excited to donate blood, especially knowing that I will be helping people.” Many have heard when one donates blood, it can help save a life or two.

It is strongly encouraged by many students and those in leadership to donate blood as there are some positive effects that can come out of it, such as, putting blood on the shelf for those in need. Some students sometimes encourage their peers and friends to donate as they share their experience. “I have encouraged other students to donate. I’ve asked two of my friends and told them what a great experience it was,” Cabrera said.

Although it is encouraged, there are still height and weight requirements that differ between males and females. However, there are some preparations one can do the day prior to donation day. As Jasmine Cabrera, a senior in the Tech & Media magnet said, “One day prior to donation day is [when] I would start to drink lots of water.” The American Red Cross website, suggests drinking an extra 16oz. of water or nonalcoholic fluids before donation.

As for those interested, sign-ups are still going on until December 13 with any leadership student. December 14 will be donation day and will take place in the gym. Students can register with their parents’ permission.


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