Students celebrate holidays with different traditions

Different cultures can mean different foods. There are many different cultures that have different beliefs and values. Darinka Galvan, a senior in the Justice & Law small school, family cooks certain foods for the holidays with her family such as, “papas gratinadas, pozole, tamales, and carnitas.” On the other hand, with her family, Itzanan Sosa , a senior in the Justice & Law, makes “Tamales, relleno, and for desert chocoflan.”
The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the winter season with decorating and baking treats that bring joy to many. But other students find joy in different places.
Galvan said, “On the [December] 24th at midnight we go to church for the Posada. We also feed the homeless almost every Saturday. We help the homeless, because to us it’s a sign of kindness and that if we were homeless we’d want someone to help us too.” Sosa said, “For Christmas, we usually spend time with my mom’s side of the family. We have a big Christmas dinner party, after we go to church and then when the clock hits twelve, we open presents.”
People have different traditions regarding their culture and their celebrations. Another student’s holiday tradition is Victor Romero’s, a senior in the Justice & Law small school. His family cooks “tamales.”
At holiday parties friends and family gather to celebrate. Holiday parties are very entertaining but may become boring. Trying to find ways to keep the spirit up at a party is important, because people may get bored which brings the spirit down or just leave. To entertain Galvan’s family plays games such as “loteria.” Loteria is a game that is very similar to bingo, but using images on a deck instead of numbers. It’s a traditional game played at family events.


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