Girls Varsity basketball star confident this season



Girl’s basketball season began late November and so far the team is off to a good start, winning their first two games.  Jazmin Hernandez, a Technology & Media magnet senior, made varsity this year as number 12.  “[When I first made the team] I was very excited and happy, I got to play the sport I loved so it was the best,” she said.

Hernandez is a shooting guard, one of five positions in a basketball game.  The main objective for her position is to score points for the team.  Shooting guards need to be good at passing, ball handling, and have good court vision.  “[What makes a good basketball player is] someone who pushes their team and helps their teammates out, as well as knowing how to play basketball pretty good,” Hernandez said.

She thinks of the team as a family, with everyone sharing the same goal and having a supportive coach.  At their practice, the girls begin with a team talk and stretches.  Then, it’s shooting drills, defensive drills, or running exercises like suicides.  Finally, the team goes over defense and offense for their upcoming games.  “All the girls have potential, we just need to work with them a little more.  We’re really close and get along very well. We’re family,” Hernandez said.

Game days can be exciting for the fans and the athletes.  If there’s an away game, the team makes memories with each other on that bus.  At all games, the fans are probably there supporting a friend on the team.  Hernandez said, “There’s a lot of support from our teammates at our games and the people who go watch, it feels great playing a game.”

With shared memories, the team has grown close.  A pep talk from the coach lifts the team spirit at practice.  On the court they acknowledge their teammates’ skills.  The team takes wins and losses together; Hernandez’s favorite win was when she played against South Gate.  “My best memory with my team was finally beating South Gate.  We got to play and finally have fun.  After two years, [without winning] we won,” she said.

A new year is approaching, and Hernandez is seeking self improvement as a player and hopes her team will win league this season.  “This year, I have a good feeling about our team.  The season should be good, a goal would be winning league.”


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