Students form New Year’s Resolutions

By Nicole Funes

“New year, New me!” is a phrase that gains popularity yearly during the month of December, because it is an opportunity to seek a fresh start and leave behind the weight of the last 12 months.

In a survey of 88 anonymous students on campus, are was a variety of accomplishments in store for 2018. The most popular with 25% is to improve one’s self or become a better person with 25%. It was then followed by boosting grades, taking  11% of the resolutions.

The resolutions ranged from learning a new language to running a marathon, full of ambition and hope for the new year. A senior said, “I really want to have an internship… [and] score 12 to 0 on a South East Boys Basketball game.” Another student also wants to join more extracurriculars, while one sophomore wants to “be even shadier” and beat her swim times.

Losing weight or getting fit was on the minds of some students, while others some students plan to get hired while others focus on self-improvement. This includes “being less angry” and “sleeping more.” As everyone focused on improving their lives in positive ways, a junior simply plans to “go out with family and friends and have fun together.”


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