South East Dodger Baseball Fall League: First take with Captain Cesar Urena and Coach Freddie Tisdale

As a returning varsity baseball player, I had the opportunity to sit down with the senior captain, Cesar Urena, a Tech & Media Magnet student, and the head coach Freddie Tisdale.

“It’s an opportunity for my boys to learn discipline, respect, a chance to go to the next level, and be able to take care of their family financially,” Tisdale said on why baseball is so meaningful and important to him.

Urena believes in Tisdale’s philosophy, but baseball is also important to Urena for another reason. “It’s important to me, because it’s my escape from the real world and my personal problems,” he said.

I asked Urena a question so commonly asked, “Do you believe the leagues competition will get better or worse?” Urena thinks that the following season will have a downfall in the league, the reason being that, “many good players from our league graduated this past school year.”

From Coach Tisdale’s perspective, a baseball player should always expect good players to come and go and always be prepared. He said, “The league should never be taken for granted. Expect the competition in the league to get better. Always prepare for the worst.” Tisdale doesn’t want the players to take an easy mindset; he wants them to be focused for any and all surprises coming from the league this upcoming March.

“My team is practicing and having games ahead of everybody else in the league, because they need to stay focused and determined on the goal, which is a championship, year round,” said Tisdale.

Coach Tisdale has high hopes and plans to keep his team on the right path, mentally and physically. He is training his team and believes they have what it takes to make it to the championship game at Dodger Stadium.

Urena has no problem with working ahead of time; he trusts the coach’s process. By planning the season ahead of time, new and returning players can build strong bond and carry their skills to the regular season.


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