Proposed Mural to Honor Cindi Santana

By Luis Valente

While the Class of 2015 – the last group of students who were on campus during the fatal stabbing of then senior Cindi Santana – has graduated, Santana is not forgotten.

The Cindi Santana Scholarship offered by the school’s Parent Center and the garden named after her are a testament to the her legacy at the school. Yet, while Santana herself has been embedded into the school’s history, the same cannot be said for the cause of her death: domestic violence.

In honor of Santana and the many victims who suffer from domestic violence, the Technology & Media magnet Student Council, in partnership with the Visual and Performing Arts Student Council and the school’s art department, is planning to erect a permanent awareness mural.

Ms. Corona, an art teacher involved with the project, believes the mural will “honor her [Santana].” Raising awareness is the overall goal,” she said.

Santana was a former student of Corona’s and was hit hard when she heard of the news in 2011.

However, Corona’s very optimistic that this mural will have a positive effect on the students. “If [students] are going through a situation, they’ll know there’s help out there and always a way out,” she said.

Domestic violence has a variety of forms. In Santana’s case, it was relationship abuse. Students in AP Studio Art, TMM Council, and VAPA Council were all encouraged to submit sketches representing the victims of abuse and the good side of things.

“Santana’s case will truly inspire several students to fight for whatever obstacles they encounter,” said Jazmin Trigueros, president of the TMM Council.

The submission period has ended and it will fall on a committee of students, teachers, and administrators to choose what will be painted on the mural.

The Cindi Santana Domestic Violence Awareness Mural is slated to begin construction this school year.


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