Importance of School Organizations

Interact is a very popular club on campus and can help with leadership skills through the events in which students participate. Many students have joined this club, in fact, their first meeting held on a Wednesday was so full, there wasn’t even space to sit. Jennifer De Anda, a returning member of Interact and a junior in the Technology & Media magnet, is in Interact. “I’ve been a member since freshman year, but I’ve been knowing about it and helping out since middle school when my sister was in it,” De Anda said.

Interact has many different events. De Anda’s favorite event is the “LA Marathon, because I enjoyed cheering runners on and watching them cross the finish line.”

The events held in Interact mainly include volunteering. You can learn new skills, and according to Jennifer, “It improves [her] social and leadership skills.”

Other club’s students can join include: Mesa, Make a Child Smile, and Paws for a Cause. Many of these clubs include events with volunteer work. It’s important for a freshman to join a club to be more involved in school.

Getting freshman involved in their campus community matters. A significant way a student can get involved in school can be by joining a club.

Joining a club can be beneficial. For instance, through self- exploration, students can obtain more skills, and meet new people.

A way of learning more about themselves can be through student organizations which can provide many opportunities to learn about themselves, develop goals, and can develop strengths. An example of developing strengths and goals can be through multitasking, staying organized, generating ideas, or even serving others.

Since they are starting out freshman can be very influenced by clubs. They can learn more about themselves, since they’re still experiencing life.


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