Girls’ Volleyball Receives New Coach


Being a coach consists of listening effectively and being willing to assist players to reach their fullest potential.A job Tech & Media Magnet English teacher Mr. Zatarain is willing to do.Girls’ Volleyball starts the new season with a new coach: Coach Zatarain.

Often times many players begin to lose motivation during the game. However, Coach Zatarain always keeps positive. “I try to motivate the athletes on the team by providing positive reinforcement. If they make a mistake, I do not intervene unless they keep repeating it. If they repeat the mistake, then I try my best to provide strategies that will help them correct the mistake,” Zatarain said. Ultimately, keeping hope; he g motivates them achieve the impossible.

Correspondingly, coaches could use some inspiration and motivation as well. They can often doubt themselves and their abilities. “I am currently with Coach Satti, and he is truly an inspiring coach; he is clearly dedicated to the team and passionate about coaching. Watching him coach and interact with the players is a true learning experience,” Coach Zatarain said. Motivation helps keeps the persistence, perseverance, and determination between coach and player.

Ultimately, the goal for every sports team is the ability to effectively communicate and build chemistry amongst each other in order to win games.  As Coach Zatarain emphasized, “The ultimate goal is to push our athletes to play as a team. Getting multiple people to play any sport as a team is always a challenge, because you’re forced to think about all of your teammates’ positions. Once we learn to be proactive and communicate effectively on the court, we’ll begin winning.” With a strong and positive support system that Zatarain provides, the girls’ volleyball team hopes to reach their goals: to win games, to communicate well with each other, and develop team chemistry.



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