Girls’ Volleyball off to a Rough Start

Most sports teams have high expectations when it comes to a new season. However, expectations do not always come easy. This has been the case for the Girls’ Volleyball team. For the first few games, they have not been able to secure a “W”.

They have struggled to unite efforts at the start of their season. “So far it has been tough. We lost our first three preseason games and our first league games,” Heidi Salas, a senior in the Tech and Media Magnet small school said.

So far, the team is 0-4 in league. However, their Jaguar spirits have not fallen. The team has come a long way from practice in June, and believes they need to work on minor things. Varsity captain, Salas and her teammates really feel it’s their lack of communication which plays major role for the loss of games. “From the beginning to now our team has grown gradually. We have the fundamentals down, but honestly I feel like we should focus less on offense and more on communication,” Salas said. The team will try to focus on building chemistry and communication between players rather than physical errors.

Although the team has had a rough start, it does not mean the season is over. The team still has hopes in the remaining seven games. In these remaining games they will face the South Gate Lambs once again and receive a chance to make play-offs. “Despite the past, we can still have a good season if we start acting like a team and work on what we need to,” Lisvet Garay, a junior in the Justice & Law small school said. Regardless of how many games are lost, the Girls’ Volleyball team still has a chance to become successful this season.



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