Advice from Freshmen

by Nicole Funes

College freshmen offered advice as to life in the real world and reflected on their experiences in high school, from what-ifs, to life post high school and lessons learned in the past four years.

Samantha Carranza, a Jaguar alumna is an 18 year old attending East Los Angeles College who aims to have a Bachelors in Animal Science and Zoology. Once the college school year began, she was, “relieved I could choose my own schedule  and control what I learn for a change. But, to be honest, I was more lost, because the environment was so new to me that I had to have a map with me at all times.”

Throughout high school, Carranza realized, “ it’s nothing like high school musical.” This differed from her expectations, but Carranza said she learned from what she got instead. “My AP scores saved me a year of school, [so] I can go straight into my field of study [sooner]… There’s no need to stress over college the moment you enter high school, but it is important.” Carranza’s friend group changed over the years, but “ I learned to be open with people, because they are experiencing the same things as you, and to only surround yourself with people who support you.”

Fabrizio Marcia, an 18 year old alumni who attends Cerritos College would have liked to know one thing when he was in high school alumni. He said, “I have the potential to do great things in life.”  Kevin Camargo, 18 year old, East Los Angeles student related to Marcia. “One thing I do wish I would have taken advantage of, are four crazy high school years to experience it as much as I can. Be in multiple clubs, take classes seriously and focus on yourself… [Because of that,] I met a lot of cool and amazing people. The memories I made with friends in leadership can never be replaced,” Camargo said.

Once Camargo stepped out of high school, he got to experience reality. “You always hear about the ‘real world’ but you really don’t [understand] until you experience it.” Because college was an opportunity to try new things, he “went into [it] very open minded and going with the flow. I don’t want to narrow my focus when there are many more opportunities out there.” He offers one last piece of advice. “Just be yourself. Everything you do, do it for yourself because at the end of the day, if you are satisfied with your work, it doesn’t matter what other people say.”

Marcia adds, “It’s a new beginning.”


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