Jesus Bañuelos’s October 2013 editorial

In memory of Jesus Gerardo Bañuelos Moreno, previous Jaguar Times reporter.

“Once a Jaguar, always a Jaguar!”

I was a student who didn’t care about a single thing that was related to my school. I would go to class and my sole purpose was to leave that class, and, thereafter, go home and do nothing there. I was failing three out of six of my classes in my sophomore year and I kept going at this rate. In my junior year, I failed four more classes. As a senior, I entered this year to the news that I would not be able to attend a Cal State or a UC. I was disappointed. But, really, I shouldn’t have been so surprised that I am not able to attend these colleges. I kept saying, “I’ll do better next time, or I’ll study next time.” However, I didn’t make that change until it was too late. I regret every single moment that I wasted. I really do wish I could go back and change my ways. I wasted three whole years. I took many wrong steps along the way and that got me nowhere. It is just something I hate. But I am not alone; there are many others like me.

As students we undervalue what we are given, and rarely take advantage of what we are given, and rarely take advantage of what we do have. Education is necessary to progress, so why do we just ignore it? We need to cherish education. It is what makes a future for us all; it helps us live a better life. We are blessed to have a free education, and the free will to learn whatever we choose. We need to make good use of it. We should appreciate it.

Education is what leads us to jobs and careers in the future. We need to take our education more seriously, so we can move up in society. Many people suffer everyday, because they do not have a good education or equal chances that we currently have. But we can avoid that by caring for our studies. We can’t keep wasting our time. We need to realize that without education, we will not get very far in life. Luckily, most of us can keep going to school without having to work in other countries, where children have to work rather than continue their studies, because their family has no money.

Why is it that many of us say,  “I want to get out of here already. I’m bored,” or “I want school to end already and just go home.”? We cannot keep going to school and failing classes, because outside of our country, many people only consider what we have a dream that will never come true. Not everyone has the same opportunities as we do. Why don’t we see there are others suffering outside of our country who will do anything to have the same opportunities we do?

A sixteen-year-old Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, was shot by Taliban soldiers in the head for promoting female education that was banned in Pakistan since January 2008. She said, “Reading a book, having a pen in our hands, studying, sitting in a classroom is something very special for us because once, we were deprived from it. Education is truly precious for others who do not have what do, so we as students should really appreciate everything this great country has to offer us.

It’s not too late to still change. If you are doing bad, do not become what I was, because you can believe me, from experience, the stress will overwhelm you and you will not know what to do. I have thought of the past – many times – just wishing that I could have changed every little thing wrong. Maybe that one time I did not study, because I was playing video games, or that time I did not do my homework because I was out with my friends. Just start doing all your work and study and from there, everything starts to fall in place. Then life becomes easier.


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